Have you already started polishing your football skills? We are sure, the excitement would be at its peak right now to know more and more about the first ever football reality show of India, Prince of Football!

Ever since the news about Prince Of Football, a unique football reality show broke out, we have been receiving innumerable mails, mentions, calls, where the youth is excited to mad levels to know more about the auditions, the age criteria etc. What surprised us the most was the exceptional involvement of the girls in the sport. Breaking the stereotypes, we were amazed to know that girls love the sport equally (if not more) as boys! The game is now becoming even more interesting and intense!


Total 60 Boys will be shortlisted from the Auditions, and out of these 60, the best 16 will be selected who will then go to Real Madrid Foundation Training Program in Madrid, Spain for training. These boys will then come back to Delhi to face further eliminations on the basis of their performance in different tasks testing the Fitness Level & Football Skills of the Participants.

At last, 1 Boy would win the show and would be declared the ultimate “Prince of Football”.

The open Auditions will happen only in Delhi from 25th to 27th August’17.

It’s time you pull up your socks, because this is your CHANCE. Make the most of it!

Stay Tuned for the venue updates!!

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